Schrodinger's house

This has now gone beyond all reason & logic.

Let me explain.


No, there is too much. Let me sum up*.

Wife & I found a house we liked. To get the price we wanted the sellers wanted to do a quick closing. This meant buying that house before ours sold. In order to do that, we had to get a bridge loan on our current house to cover part of the estimated equity so we could put 20% down on the new place with reserves to fix the kitchen. This meant running the risk of having 3 consecutive mortgages, which we budgeted for.

3, plus a car payment (sorry Dave Ramsey, it had to be done)? That killed any hope.

Fast forward to yesterday. Our next door neighbor / Realtor texts me. 2 people want to look at our house. Both are pre-qualified, one of them is military looking to be near the base but not NEAR the base. She will be buying a house this weekend and likes our area.

But what good is selling a house unless you have a place to move? Unless the sellers of the house we wanted were willing to do a contingency on the sale of our house, which they must not have been since they wanted to move quickly.

Their Realtor said a contingent sale should be fine & will confirm by Monday.

So… it’s not over.

In fact, we’re in a better situation now. There is no risk of us having 3 mortgage payments. If our house sells, awesome! If it doesn’t, we’re not out any money we weren’t out a few days ago anyway. Why we didn’t do this from the start is beyond me.

Now, there has to be some limit to this. We can’t stop & start this process again. It’s just too stressful. I gotta give our Realtor some props, he’s putting up with an amazing amount of WTF’ery to make this happen. I’m sure it’s part of the reason he’s one of the top Realtors in his office, but still.

Right now, God has grabbed another beer, put his arm around St. Peter and went “Now, watch THIS!”

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And I slept easy

Down the road from us are a few duplexes whose clientele provide ample reasons to judge them by the stereotypical ‘wrong side of the tracks’ persona.

We have friends who live in our sister neighborhood which is within spitting distance of the duplexes and the other night they were live-posting on Facebook about an argument that was going on which eventually ended in gunfire. According to our friend, she heard the gunshots and then someone screaming that he had been shot.

The popo were called and they sent out everything necessary to cover a shooting, including a helicopter to search for the perp which we heard while getting the real time feeds off of Facebook (I can’t find any news coverage of the event as it’s only news if there aren’t domestic disputes / shootings).

The odds are the shooter hopped in his car and left, but judging by the general quality of vehicles that park there, the chances that the car didn’t start and he took off on foot are actually kind of high. We’re not ‘next door’ to this area, but it’s definitely within running distance if the person is not a couch potato, so I grabbed the Mossberg, put it by the bed, and slept soundly.

I bring this up because of the latest Mom’s Demand Attention ad that is completely and utterly backfiring on them. It’s backfiring for the same reason I was able to sleep soundly, even knowing there could be ‘some dangerous person lurking about’. When you’re armed, you have a much greater chance at successfully defending yourself, and being armed with a firearm is even better.

This ad clearly show that a sudden danger is not best solved by calling the police and reminding the attacker that there is a restraining order. No, it clearly shows that had the woman had a firearm herself, her safety would have increased exponentially.

Sebastian worries about Gun Control 2.0 and generally for legitimate reasons. However, this group is showing that they cannot even manage the emotional-bs angle correctly. Glock could have spent millions of dollars and not created an ad as effective as that one at selling guns as self defense.

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After action report

Yesterday was a rough day for my family, but as I look at it, I realize the only really bad thing is that I’m out a chunk of cash. My wife & children are happy, healthy, well fed, clothed, sheltered, and secure – thus, I am living the real American dream.

In fact, what happened was that we missed the chance to extend our luxury. The house was much larger, had a pool, and a waterfront view – nothing we need to live. Instead of that, we got a new(er) car. Talk about First World Problems. As the day has progressed, my depression has almost disappeared completely. I’m still sad the house didn’t work out of course – I’d love to worry about how we were going to gut & rebuild the kitchen while dipping my toes in my pool - but like I said, none of that’s required for living.

I feel bad for my Realtor. He texted me not too long ago telling me he’d have covered the repair costs until the house sold (better to risk a % of his commission rather than 100% of it), but alas even that would have put several thousand dollars into a car that may not have another 3 years on it. Plus, that money would come out of the profit on the house, which was necessary to rebuild the kitchen.

Could we have done it? Yes. We could have paid on the current house, the new house, the bridge loan, and a new car payment, but then we’d have nothing else. No money to continue to put into the girls’ college funds, no money to put into our retirement funds, or put aside for emergencies, etc. That was too much risk for us to deal with, so cutting our losses was the best option (technically, I had another option that the Mrs. did not like as it would have dipped into our retirement funds but that was our ultra-safety net we never, ever, ever wanted to touch).

Next steps are to continue what we were planning on before we found the home – put new flooring in, paint, replace some doors & frames, add some cabinets to the laundry room.

Oh, and continue to hug and cherish my family. Because that’s what’s important.

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And like that, it’s over

All the stress, all the worries, all the money put into moving into the new house is now over. The wife’s car decided to blow a cylinder and is, for all intents and purposes, totaled.

We are no longer getting the house. I’ve cancelled the loans, we’ve lost our escrow and all the money we’ve put into inspections & appraisals, various fees & whatnot, which all added up to a considerable amount.

Too bad, so sad. My problem to deal with, not the government’s responsibility to bail me out, there’s no blame to be put anywhere, sometimes life just sucks. The worst you all will have to deal with is me bitching about it, but at least I won’t demand your tax dollars be used as a salve to my disappointment.

Oh well…

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Uh, that was kind of embarrassing

I’m still busy as hell. Work. Moving. Wife’s car died & is getting fixed. Etc. So I needed to blog something yesterday just to fill in some space and let everyone know I’m still alive.

I didn’t think about what would happen if I said “I can’t afford a friggin’ book!”

Suddenly, I have the book. And many offers of other books. And more people willing to send me books.

So, thank you all, it’s very much appreciated although that wasn’t my goal at all. Book has been acquired (thank you Mr. Amazon Gift Card Donation Guy Who I’ll Keep Anonymous Unless Otherwise Instructed) and you folks are awesome.

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Because we’re in the process of buying the new house AND selling our current one, I’m broke. Brokity broke broke broke. Every dollar has to be stretched to cover the move and pad the safety net for the unforseens. The Mrs’ car is currently sitting at the mechanic’s and who knows how much that’s going to cost (I’m voting for ‘clogged fuel filter’ as that’s exactly how the car is acting, but a 2002 Liberty is known for being a PITA when it comes to replacing them).

Thus, I haven’t had the $ to purchase Larry Correia’s latest installment of Monster Hunter.

Franks is out there killing who knows how many people and I have to wait until things settle before I read about it.

It must be nice living off other people’s money.

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Eh, what’s up Doc?

Apparently the Doc’s classification in USPSA.

Now, I want you to think about this part – if the anti’s had their way, the doctor would not have been legally allowed to carry a gun. Being law abiding, he probably wouldn’t have. Señor Crazypants however doesn’t care about things like ‘laws’ and thus procured a gun and walked through multiple layers of “do not do this”.

How did he get the gun? Who cares? There are hundreds of millions of them already in circulation, preventing people from buying more doesn’t make those disappear (and remember that England, an island with strict gun control laws is having quite the problem with crimes committed by guns). So we already have them, they’re not disappearing, and the only thing you can do is make it to where people like this Doctor have a hard time getting them, but the crazy guy can still buy one anywhere.

This is why I scoff at gun control laws. Not a single law stops the crazy guy but each and every one puts the Doctor at a disadvantage.

And that’s the end goal of all gun banners’ actions. Hence why I hold them in such low regard.

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Why does Officer Friendly carry a gun?

Because every law on the books, when broken, is punishable by death.

Force is the final answer to everything, like it or not. When you task the gov’t to uphold laws, you are in essence saying “And when someone refuses to do this, continue using force until they comply”. Hence, when someone is selling cigarettes that aren’t taxed, cops will put them in a choke hold and murder them force them to comply.

Cops are told by society that they are the teeth behind the law. Then we continue to make more & more laws for them to enforce and demand they stick to it. This is the end result. The problem lies much, much, much higher up the chain of events. We’re letting the country turn into a police state, it’s not surprising the police do what they do.

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