Sorry about that

Server rebooted & was stuck on a “Press F1 to continue” BIOS screen for the day.

I didn’t quit blogging. I’ll let you idjits know if that ever happens.

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Backing tracks

I was working on a backing track to a guitar piece this weekend and am pretty happy with the sound. It’s just bass guitar, drums, and an organ but I really like the overall sound. My drumming is a bit rough as is some of the bass, but it’s a great start.

I was going for a very specific sound with the drums and I think I nailed it. I wanted a garage-like tone, so I compressed the living shit out of the drums and brought them forward into the mix and it worked exactly as I thought it would. I need to tighten up the fills (especially the intro) but damn that sound is spot on.

Didn’t get a chance to actually record any guitar since I’m still trying to figure out the melody. I’m also going to add in other instruments as I lengthen it out beyond one chord ;)

Check it out, let me know what you think.

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If they made a book about my adventures in buying a house

Nobody would believe it because it would be too complex.

So we found a great house, one my wife & I could see us retiring in. Large plot of land in a secluded neighborhood that’s not cookie cutter in any shape, form, or fashion. I’d posit that people simply bought plots of land back in the 70s and had each house custom built. The interior needs some updating as it’s a 70s house through and through, but the view is simply amazing.

I am not joking when I say that the 3 car garage is so large, I could pull in in the GTI, do a U-Turn, and leave.

We put in an offer.

So did someone else.

They took the other offer.

Oh well. We found another house that’s half the price (literally) but requires gutting, something my wife & I are happy to do. It doesn’t have as nice of a view, but the neighborhood it’s in is quaint, albeit in not as nice of an area. The house is abandoned & requires a bit of work to even get it to code, but there are certain loans specifically for this situation. A bit harder & more involved, but the house is spacious and simply needs all new flooring, a new kitchen & some walls knocked down to open it up.

So we signed all the paperwork to put in an offer.

The offer on the other house fell through, so we’re back to that one.

And people are coming by today to look at our house. Which isn’t even on the market technically yet.

Oi vey!

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Gotta love a good practical joke

One of the developers got a 32oz. plastic jug of Olde English 800 as a lark. He cracked it open, took a swig, and promptly never had any again. This was a month or two ago, and the bottle just sits on his desk.

So I took it home over the weekend.

Filled it with apple juice.


Brought it back.

I just chugged the whole thing in front of my group.

Let me say, that much apple juice in that little time does a number on your blood sugar and stomach.

The looks on their faces was completely worth it.

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Just a quick reminder

Freedom of speech means freedom to speak things that are uncomfortable, rude, insulting, blasphemous, annoying, and just plain tasteless.

As a Marine, it is very offensive to me to watch people desecrate the US Flag.

It is much more offensive to claim they have no right to do so.

You may insult my religion all you want. I have no right to assault you for it. That goes both ways.

Finally, if you won’t stand up for speech you do not approve of, don’t be surprised when suddenly you find YOUR views are the ones nobody likes and there’s no one left to defend you.

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State of the Marble Union

Blog isn’t dead. Yet. Maybe it will be soon, I don’t know.

All I know is life is busy. Work has become a lot more involved now that I’m 50% manager, 50% developer, 50% chainsaw juggler. I don’t have those nice moments during the day when I can bang out a blog post like I used to because I also don’t have the time to research whatever it is I want to talk about and blathering on uninformed is not how I like to run things.

Both my girls have standard kid lives. Guitar, drums, girl-scouts, Honor’s Society, Marine Biology Society, and soon Volleyball. They’re not those kinds of kids who are doing something 24x7, but they’re not slouches either. That’s a huge chunk of my time (and a wonderful thing at that).

We also had a great showing on our house last night. The couple came around 4 to look at it, stayed quite a while, then immediately wanted their folks to come back yesterday evening. So, we’re pretty sure they’re going to make an offer. Which is odd, because our house isn’t even on the market.

We put in an offer on another house and we were planning to do a contingency, putting our house on the market if they accepted. Our realtor said he knew a couple to whom our house was a perfect match and wondered if we’d mind showing. So now we’re in an odd place where we might have an offer on our house before putting it on the market and no place to move should the house we want to buy declines our offer.

My guitar will get a little more attention this week and eventually be sent off to the painter where it will languish in limbo for 4 to 6 weeks, so I have that to look forward to.

On the political front, I think the world is about to collapse around our ears so I’m pretty much just ready to sit back and do my best to prepare my girls for a brave new world. The quote unquote Libertarians who decided recently that forcing businesses to cater something they disapprove of but that Libertarians like reminded me why I have no political party. Let it burn.

Gun wise, I have nothing. I can’t keep up with the laws, the lawsuits, the anti’s, the pro’s, the OC’ers, who screwed up what legislation, what the hottest trend in polymer pistols is, what companies are going bankrupt, etc. I need a new holster for the M&P40, but that’s about it. I rarely get to the range anymore due to (see above).

That’s a quick update. I’m still here. For a while at least. Not sure I have it in me any more to keep this thing running though.

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Ready to talk color?

Awesome, because I am ready to as well.

The fretboard on La Pistola is the centerpiece of the entire guitar. Not only is Virgil's inlay work amazing, but the bocote wood used is vibrant & detailed. This poses a *small* issue in the fact that the body will need to remain a bit muted in order to show it off. When you see it IRL, the fretboard has yellows & greens in it that pictures don't really show well.

I used some photos of Volcano since mine is also an X-15 (minus the trem) and I too want a black-burst edge with the natural reveal. I've photoshopped my neck onto the guitar as best I could and have come up with my final three ideas for the trans-dye (I want the flamed maple to shine through, but not *too* much).

My favorite is the Olive Green, but I could easily have my mind changed to the Burnt Orange or Blue. What are your thoughts?

Olive Blue Burnt-Orange

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