Printing the death of Gun Control

Technology marches on. At this pace, metal 3D printers will be common & affordable in a few years. It’s not that guns are hard to make as it is, but the day you want a 10mm 1911 with a Glock style grip and ported barrel and you just click on a few options & hit print… well, that’s better than Tam’s dream of shrink wrapped pistols on Aisle 6 at Costco.

The only way to slow this technology down is by fully implementing an oppressive police state and even then you won’t catch enough to matter.

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Guy at work is into knives. Very, very into knives. He asked me to bring in my USMC Ka-Bar because… well, knife. So I did.

Honestly, I had to hunt for it. It was buried in the back of the safe. I don’t think it had even been out of the sheath in 5 or so years. Since I had got it in ‘91, it had been neglected & abused the way only a young Marine would have.

Guy at work couldn’t let that stand and sharpened it for me.

Hooooly moly. You could shave with it now. In fact, he said he had to back the edge off a bit because it was a little too sharp.

Now I have a really sharp Ka-Bar again. I’m happy.

Ooh RAH!

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Repairing my garage

When the Mrs & I were in the process of moving, we discovered that my cheap, pine workbench had become lunch for termites. I had to get rid of the bench as well as had the house treated (there were no termites anywhere else, but better to be safe than sorry) but since we were moving, I figured we’d eventually pack everything up anyway.

Well, we never did move.

Now I have a garage full of loose tools and no real place to put them.

I need a new workbench that I can mount my reloading press on. It also needs to be a damned good surface for me to cut / bend / hammer / Dremel / etc. on The pine bench I had bent when trying to run my press and resulted in unstable powder throws. This time I want something sturdy.

But the bench is just one part. I need storage. I need places to put tools like my chop saw, router, Dremel, etc. So a large shelf. Then I need drawers for the bajillion tools that are just running around loose these days. Then I want upper cabinets and herein lies the suck – Those need to hold my reloading supplies, aka lead, which is frigging heavy as hell.

Toss in some sort of rack system so I can hang up the weed eater, edger, all garden tools, etc (which are all over the place currently) and shelves in the cabinet to store paints & chemicals, and it makes more sense to get some sort of system rather than do it piecemeal.

Everything I’ve found at Sears or Home Depot / Lowes is… cheap. I was shocked that the Craftsman stuff felt like double-ply aluminum foil. The Gladiator brand felt sturdier, but it’s got that cheap ass looking diamond plate that just rubs me the wrong way (to me it looks like you’re trying to look tougher than you are). The Gladiator gear tracks, however are what I want for the walls to hang stuff on.

Regardless, the prices of this crap is astronomical, and it’s not even that high of quality. Anyone have any suggestions for this kind of stuff? I really need to reorganize my garage, but holy hell I don’t want to spend $2000 on flimsy aluminum cabinets with a pressboard bench.

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Nazis, Godwin, Goebbels, and Moms Who Demand Action

We all know that a MDA person was given a Goebbels’ quote to which she nearly gave herself whiplash nodding her head in agreement with. After I linked to it, I had second thoughts as to if that was really something to saddle them with.

The initial thought is “ZOMG! You agree with a NAZI!” and how bad that is, but that’s not the reason it’s bad (and hence my second guessing). We have to be careful not to fall into a association fallacy – If person X believes Y, and person X was a bad person, you too are a bad person for believing Y. This is false because bad person X could believe that puppies are cute & fuzzy and you believing the same thing doesn’t make you a bad person.

However, this isn’t the case here. Allison A. Martin agrees with Goebbels not because he’s a Nazi, but because their goals are similar. There’s no associative fallacy here at all, and Lyle captures this with a great comment over at Say Uncle’s

Take away the names, or any reference to Nazis, or any understanding of who the Nazis were, and the vast majority of American Progressives would agree whole-heatedly and eagerly with just about everything the Nazis stood for.

It’s pretty simple– They have the same ideological roots and share the same early history. It’s only a matter of time– American Progressives will become far more open it. …

The anti-gun people have routinely shown that they’re perfectly willing to have a police state if it means getting guns out of the hands of the citizenry. Generally, gun banners tend toward the progressive. There are right leaning banners (e.g. Helmke was a Republican) but for the most part they share the same views as Goebbels in this regard, which is one reason why left/right often does not really fit.

Statists gonna state.

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Want to see the end game of gun control?

Look no further than Venezuela.

As Joe says

Private gun ownership in Venezuela was banned in 2012. Yet the country has the second highest murder rate in the world.

Guns have nothing to do with murder rates. Banning them does nothing to lower it. Which is why it’s important to understand that the banners don’t want low crime rates, they want a socialist utopia where people are slaves to a government and not individuals. Gun control is just a single step down that dark road.

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For the 29,199,042,012th time

Guns are simple to make objects.

Banning them does nothing. The criminals will always have weapons because it will always be valuable to someone to do a little work in a shed where nobody will ever find out.

We can’t stop drugs from being manufactured no matter how harsh the penalties are, what makes gun banners think guns won’t be the same way? They know this, hence why their actions have nothing to do with safety and they simply want to see the world in some sort of socialist hell where everyone is controlled by the state.

I hate the cliché, but cold dead hands and all…

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